Can a letter be as legal as a will?


Can a letter be as legal as a Will?


Having your affairs in order before reaching old age is something that every person should consider. While this type of issue is generally something that family members do not want to talk about, and can even seem a little morbid, making arrangements for your care and wellbeing in later life - along with your finances and asset distribution after you die - is highly recommended. The latter is most commonly arranged with the preparation of a will.

A letter could be a legal Will. However, it would need to be signed, dated and witnessed in accordance with certain legal rules and would be invalid if otherwise.

In addition, it could be contested if the wording of the Will is ambiguous.
It is always better to have your Will
professionally written.

Solicitors and Barristers make a lot of money each year from disgruntled family members defending or attacking DIY Wills that were badly drawn up.
It is not always easy to decide if wording is ambiguous for instance the following statement;

When I die I leave everything to my wife but when she dies I leave everything to my son and daughter.

Does this actually leave anything to the wife, or is she looking after it so to speak for the son and daughter who are the ultimate beneficiaries?

Our advice would be to have even the most simple will professionally written.