Pay for your future funeral at todays prices


Paying 'Todays Prices' ten years from now!


If you knew you were going to use a service, 99% sure, and you knew that it would very likely be twice the price it is today, than when you are going to use it, would you see if there was a way of freezing the cost? Would you try to counter the price increase?

Well, the truth of the matter is that 99% of us will use a funeral service of one description or another, and the truth of the matter is that funeral costs are soaring.

Every year, Sunlife conduct a survey of the cost of dying including funeral costs and publish the report annually. Their reports year after year show the increases of the elements of funerals. Now not all elements have increased year on year, but the funeral costs themselves, have increased without exception every year for eleven years!

If prices continue to rise in the same manner as the last 12 years the average funeral will cost £4620, less than 5 years from now!

“The average cost of a basic funeral has risen for the 11th year in a row and now stands at £3,693, an increase of more than 90% since 2004. If prices continue to rise in the same manner as the last 12 years the average funeral will cost £4620, less than 5 years from now!

Funeral Plans have been available for years now but it’s taken time for people to realise the need. Ten years ago in 2005 60,000 funeral plans were purchased in the UK, last year in 2015 it was 3 times that at 183,500.

For some, saving money is the key and when they realise that the increases in funeral costs has outstripping savings it’s good value for money to buy a plan outright and pay for a future funeral at todays prices. Who wouldn’t if the money was available?

For some though the money isn’t available in one lump but providers have made them available with 2 common types of payment plan, a typical loan based plan over 12 to 60 months for example carrying interest of course and a fixed payment plan where a set amount is payed up to a fixed point, usually a 90th birthday. Cover varies from plan to plan though and it’s wise to find the best option for you. With a payment plan you're not necessarily paying todays prices for a future funeral, with complete cover after 12 payments you may pay a lot less, with a 60 month interest inclusive plan you may pay more, you’ll know it’s paid for. The benefits in knowing it is arranged, that you wont be leaving your family to find the money, may be worth more to you than the additional interest payments. It’s probably worth taking a look at, at least then you’ll know if it’s possible for you.

We think we have found the most friendly option with a fixed payment plan that provides full cover after 12 months and a reimbursement if the moneys collected are greater than the funeral costs.