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Thank you for booking an appointment to review your estate planning, your consultant will be with you at your chosen time and if there’s any likelihood of lateness you’ll receive a call.

We’d like to make you aware that none of the information we collect is stored on a database or used for marketing purposes, it is completely private and confidential.
Should other members of your family attend this will be welcomed.

Anything to prepare?

It may be helpful but not essential to have a copy of any existing will available.

If you know that a will is high on your agenda then a list of names and addresses of your beneficiaries, your chosen executors and any guardians for children under the age of 18 will be helpful but again not essential.

And remember you're under no obligation, we act at your instruction.

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If you have to change an appointment please call 01794 501 036 at the earliest convenience.

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Please complete the form and confirmation will receive confirmation within 24 hours either by email of telephone.

If you prefer to call

If you would prefer to speak with someone dial the number below or if using a smartphone tap the number.

01794 501 036

We are experts in tailoring our service to meet each clients unique needs. We use the most suitable products, legislation and allowances.

Protecting your estate for the love of your family

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