Convenient Will Writing Services

Who needs a will and why?

Without a valid Last Will and Testament, your assets will be distributed according to the rules of Intestacy. The rules of Intestacy lay down a rigid method of estate distribution and take no account for your wishes, regardless of what your family say.

Married Couples


Without a Will, it is not certain that your spouse will inherit all your assets.
Without a Will you cannot be certain your children will benefit from your estate.

Unmarried Couples


Without a Will your partner may not receive anything! Your entire estate will probably be divided between your children; if you don’t have any children then your assets will be shared between your relatives.

Divorced or Separated


Make it clear whether you do or don’t want your ‘ex-spouse’ to benefit from your estate.

If you are separated, then your spouse is your next of kin.

Parents of Young Children


By making a Will you can ensure that the Courts are aware of who you wish to care for your children in the event of your death and at what age you wish your children to receive their inheritance (18, 21 or 25).

The Will Preparation Process

A consultation ensuring the right type of will is chosen. There are simple single or mirror wills or more involved Wills including trusts.

Once the appropriate will(s) has/have been selected a questionnaire is completed to collect the content and your instructions for your will.

The preparation of your will(s) which can be prepared within 7 – 10 days. An express service is available should the circumstances dictate.
The delivery and guidance with the signing of your Will(s).
You may choose to keep your Wills at home or in a safe place heeding the message from the Ministry of Justice ( warning you NOT to store your will at a bank in your safety deposit box. The box CANNOT be opened until probate is granted and probate can’t be granted without the original will.
We provide legal storage where you have access via an ID card with security code which maintains your will as a live document allowing you to amend/change it over time at no additional cost. The annual fee for legal storage is £65 or £5 per month. Lifetime storage is also available at preferential rates

Our philosophy

We create robust legal documents for our clients including wills, lasting powers of attorney, asset trusts and more, working at your convenience to make it easy in this busy world!

Common questions

Is a Will Legally Binding?

For a Will to be legally binding a number of requirements must be met. The process we follow makes sure those requirements are met.

Can a Will be changed?

A Will can be changed by rewriting which incurs a charge. However if the Will is maintained as a live document using our legal storage service, this allows for changes/additions to be made without additional rewriting charges.

How long does it all take?

The initial consultation and collection of details plus instruction takes on average and hour and a half. The preparation to completion in general terms takes a week depending on complexity.

SINGLE WILLS & MIRROR WILLS made TROUBLE FREE with one call and a convenient appointment