Why Make a Will in Hampshire Today?

Why Make a Will?

Common sense tells us that we need a Will, but why is it so important?

'Do Not' die intestate.

Making a Will is the only way you can be sure what will happen to your property and possessions after your death.

If you have a wife or husband, especially young children or dependents, it is the best way of making absolutely sure they are provided for. An up to date Will, making your intentions clear makes it much easier for your Executors to administer your estate.

If you die without making a Will — known as ‘Intestate’ — you have no control over who inherits your estate, in turn the Law will decide the outcome.

We provide basic wills, mirror wills, wills including trust work,

A correctly written Will allows YOU to decide on  the following key benefits below:

Key Benefits


Allows YOU to choose and appoint the guardians for your children.


Allows YOU to choose the most suitable executors and trustees to look after your affairs.


Ensures YOUR dependents and loved ones have access to funds with the minimum delay and expense at a difficult time.

Save money!

Large savings through Inheritance Tax planning can be inexpensive and simple to arrange if YOU receive the right advice.


YOU can protect your property passing to a new marriage partner, you can ensure that unmarried partners would inherit, you can ensure any step-children will inherit.


Allows YOU to pass on particular gifts or make special provisions for loved ones, family and/or charities.

Secure Storage

Secure Storage of your Will and Associated Documents, irreplaceable paperwork is kept safe, secure and completely confidential.

Each year tens of thousands of homes* have to be sold to pay for Long-Term Care; many families are disinherited. A correctly written Will can safeguard their share in the property.

* 1,163,200 elderly people have been forced to sell their house or flat over the past five years to pay care bills, according to the report by investment group NFU Mutual. (Express Sept 2013)