Will Trusts and Asset Trusts

Who needs a trust and why?

There are many reasons to set up trusts but essentially they do two things, firstly protecting assets for beneficiaries and secondly saving you or your estate money.

What is a will trust?


A will trust is as it’s title describes a trust within a will which comes into effect on the death or the testator/testatrix. They are commonly used to protect property, or to protect assets for children or to bypass a spouse. Our most popular will trust is the property protection trust.

What's a family asset trust?


A family asset trust or lifetime trust is specifically designed to protect your assets during your lifetime. They give the peace of mind that many of us look for, knowing that our estate can be passed on securely and intact to our spouse or our children or both.

Protect Hard Earned Gains


A trust can protect your hard earned gains such as property and savings in a number of ways, or from a number of perspectives. Assets in a trust are protected from probate fees, from claims due to relationship failure, from business debts and claims against your estate and more.

Saving Money


Asset trusts can save your estate money, probate is negated and inheritance tax liabilities reduced in some instances. Assets within a trust will not come under Court of Protection control should you lose capacity and avoid the costs involved of regaining some of that control.

The Trust Preparation Process

A consultation ensuring the right type of trust(s) is/are chosen. There are straight forward will trusts or more involved stand alone asset trusts.

Once the appropriate trust(s) has/have been selected a questionnaire is completed to collect the content and your instructions for your will or for the asset trust.

The preparation of your will(s) and or trusts which can be prepared in 2 or 3 weeks a little longer depending on complexity.
The delivery and guidance with the signing of your Will(s) and/or trust documents.
You may choose to keep your Wills and/or Trust Deeds at home or in a safe place heeding the message from the Ministry of Justice (gov.uk) warning you NOT to store your will at a bank in your safety deposit box. The box CANNOT be opened until probate is granted and probate can’t be granted without the original will.
We provide legal storage where you have access via an ID card with security code which maintains your will as a live document allowing you to amend/change it over time at no additional cost. Trust Deeds can also be held on your behalf but are not live documents. The annual fee for legal storage is £65 or £5 per month. Lifetime storage is also available at preferential rates

Our philosophy

We create robust legal documents for our clients including wills, lasting powers of attorney, asset trusts and more, working at your convenience to make it easy in this busy world!

Common questions

Do trusts protect against care fees?

You must not set up a trust to primarily avoid care fees as this could be viewed as deprevation of assets. However, a will trust can protect half of your property and the contents of an asset trust would belong to the trust and not you, so yes, but talk to your consultant for clarity.

How long does a trust last?

A trust can last for 125 years, so the elements placed within your trust can continue to benefit your family and your families family long after you are gone.

Who controls the trust?

You would be named as the ‘Principle Beneficiary’ of the Asset Trust and would retain full control of the assets within the Trust while you are alive and have mental capacity. Then your trustees, who you select. read more

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