Can I change or cancel my will?


Can I change or cancel my will?


Yes, but only by writing a new Will or signing a document called a Codicil. A Codicil, like a Will, must also be prepared, signed and executed in a particular way.

You do not need to rewrite your Will or have a Codicil merely because you or any person named in your Will changes their address. Making changes invariably invites a fee although if we keep a clients will for them in our Solicitors vaults all amendments and changes are free of charge.

Can I cancel my Will?
You can cancel your Will by making a new Will, in which you revoke the old one, or simply by tearing it up and burning it.

There are a number of will registry businesses in the UK which can provide an additional level of protection in terms of locating a will. However they are by no means perfect. The registration businesses in general keep the wills location on their records. However, wills can be changed, wills can be revoked, and of course the situation may arise where the registry hasn’t been notified.

Again, if a will is left with a solicitor and then a new will is written which revokes the previous and the solicitor isn’t
informed, they may be holding a
redundant document. ‘Where’ a will is kept is a very important and often overlooked point. Many choose to keep their will at home not taking into
consideration the possibility of it being mislaid over the years, or lost to house fire or flooding or damaged by the same.