High cost of dying in Hampshire


Paupers Funerals on the rise


Funeral costs have continued to rise for 11 years in a row and there may be a correlation between these rises and the increase in the number of ‘Paupers Funeral’ being carried out by local councils, on which the cost is a significant burden.

... The average cost of a funeral now stands at £3,700, according to the Royal London Insurance company - and even a public health funeral with no frills can cost about £1,000.

The BBC article in the iframe below highlights the sadness of this situation and gives another perspective on the role of the funeral plan in not only providing a decent funeral when the day comes for those who are/may be without family, but also the notion of contributing to the local community by reducing the costs of councils. The last thing on peoples’ minds I know but relevant in this world of rising costs.



BBC News Night Paupers Funerals

Published on 24 Sep 2014 BBC Newsnight. The story of one man's passing and the community that supported his final journey. Pauper's funerals were reserved for those suffering extreme destitution, but they are not consigned to the past and they are on the rise. Produced and directed by Sol B River.

These continual year on year increases could be the reason that Funeral Plan sales are up by 350% compared to 2004. Freeze the cost of your funeral today with a funeral plan, or by using a fixed payment funeral plan for over 50's make sure you're laid to rest with dignity for a comfortable monthly payment (full cover after 12 months), our providers are fully registered and compliant and among the longest running suppliers in the UK,

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